Your Visit

The consultation includes:

  • Country by country analysis of your itinerary
  • Vaccines required or recommended for your destination
  • Updating routine vaccines such as tetanus and influenza
  • Creation of International Travel Certificate of Vaccination
  • Exemption from Yellow Fever vaccine if indicated
  • Review of detailed malaria maps and malaria prophylaxis prescriptions
  • Prescriptions for traveler’s diarrhea, altitude sickness, and motion sickness, and review of how to cope
  • Advice on recognizing and avoiding non-vaccine preventable diseases
  • Handouts on travel specific concerns such as blood clots, bed bugs, and what to pack in a medicine kit for the tropics
  • Detailed current information on political events, holidays, and natural calamities at your destination that may affect your plans


Olympia Travel Clinic’s service is tailored to your busy schedule, including evening appointment times. Flexible appointments minimize time at the clinic and allow couples and families traveling together to take advantage of our group pricing.

Presentations at your group event can also reduce the cost for the individuals traveling together.